1. In accordance with DOC 4444 (ICAO) when a MEDIUM and a LIGHT aircraft are using the same runway, or parallel runways separated by less than 760 m, in approach or departure phases of flight), shall be applied a wake turbulence radar separation minima of :


2. . . … is a special series NOTAM notifying the presence or removal of hazardous conditions due to snow, ice, slush or standing water associated with snow, slush and ice on the movement area, by means of a specific format.


3. Runway 11/29 dimentions:



Radar is an acronym of:


When a pressure type altimeter is set to a QNH altimeter setting, it shall indicate:


The maximum range of primary radar depends on

7. Which Annex contains the standard and recommended Practices for all types of aeronautical charts ?


8. What are the series of NOTAM issued in Vietnam?



The ground component of the DME system shall be referred to: ……

10. Refer to the VOR/DME approach RWY 11, what is the missed approach point?


11. Airway means (ICAO rules ):


12. Pre- flight information bulletin must be made available at any aerodrome normally used for:



The zone of transition between two air masses of different density is commonly called:

14. Temporary changes to the AIP which doesn’t contain extensive and/or graphics and needs to be distributed timely shall be published as :


15. The distance from DVOR/DME DOH to threshold of RWY 11 is



Speed adjustments may not be requested or applied after the aircraft has passed a point of…………… from the threshold on final approach:

17. Radar separation is:


18. A controlled flight shall be under the control of:



 Danger area means:
(Sourced by VN Civil Aviation Law 2006)

20. Recording tapes of air –ground communication shall be normally kept for at least:



 In case of unforeseen incident and in order to ensure the aviation safety and security,  who shall decide to close an airport temporarily for not more than 24 hours? (Sourced by VN Civil Aviation Law 2014)


Which one is not correct:




The trend forecast shall indicate changes in the surface wind which involve:


The change indicator TEMPO in the TAF used when:

25. If an arriving aircraft  is making a straight-in-approach, A departing aircraft may take off in any direction until…..before the arriving aircraft is estimated to be over the instrument runway.


26. In which section of the AIP can you find the location indicators used in a state?



Câu 33.         Which of the following statements in regard to motivation is correct?

28. In which ICAO document can you find the Q Codes ?



What are the characteristics of the passage of a cold front?

30. In which ICAO document can you find the AIRAC effective dates?


31. Except when lateral separation exists, vertical separation shall be applied between aircraft holding in flight and other aircraft, whether arriving, departing or enroute, whenever the other aircraft concerned are within… flying time of the holding area or within a distance prescribed by the appropriate authority.


32. IFR flights shall be carried out in compliance with :


33. When shall the NOTAM with C) PERM be invalid?


34. If an ATC clearance is not suitable to the pilot in command of an aircraft:



In which frequency band does an ILS glide slope transmit

36. Advantages of AIP Supplements:



Câu 22.         Check the following statements:
1: a person experiencing sleep loss is unlikely to be aware of personal performance degradation
2: performance loss may be present up to 20 minutes after awaking from s short sleep (nap)

38. The air traffic services includes (sourced by VN Civil Aviation Law 2006)



Câu 38.         The ability to monitor information which could indicate the development of a critical situation:

40. In which section of the AIP can you find the lateral limits of restricted areas?



One or more coloured rings around the sun or moon may indicate the presence of which type of cloud?

42. In which section of the AIP can you find the length of a runway?



Hail is most likely to fall from which type of cloud?

44. What is the unit of measurement used to express radius in the Q line ( NOTAM format ) ?


45. Who is responsible for an ATC clearance to be safe in respect to terrain clearance?


46. The main air-ground VHF frequency of ACC Hanoi (sector south) is:


47. Which appropriate authority of Viet Nam shall issue health standards for aviation personnel? (Sourced by VN Civil Aviation Law 2006)


48. The information so notified by AIRAC must not be changed further for at least another… after indicated effective date.



An ILS CAT I can guide an arriving aircraft to:

50. ATC unit may use the following means of  communication for coordination purposes:


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