Câu 29.  Which of the following statements concerning tiredness is correct?

2. Which appropriate authority shall be approved the establishment and operation of the airways (sourced by VN Civil Aviation Law 2014):




A controlled flight is requested from the approriate ATC unit whenever the average true air speed at cruising level varies or is expected to vary from that given in the flight plan by plus of

4. The NOTAM Codes is used _______



Speed adjustments may not be requested or applied after the aircraft has passed a point of…………… from the threshold on final approach:


The accuracy of the bearing information conveyed by the horizontally polarized radiation from the VOR at a distance of approximately four wavelengths for all elevation angles between 0 and 40 degrees, measured from the centre of the VOR antenna system, shall be within plus or minus …… degrees.


SIGMET information is issued as a warning for significant weather to


How is Flight Visibility defined?



9. Which letter is used in a flight plan to indicate that the flight commences in accordance with IFR and subsequently changes to VFR?



The criteria used for the amendment of TAF should be base on the following:

11. …….NOTAM contains information of concern to long or medium range flights, given selected international distribution.


12. What is alerting service?


13. During a conventional approach, the Minimum Descent Height (MDH) is referred to the runway threshold altitude and not to the aerodrome altitude if the runway threshold is at more than :



The zone of transition between two air masses of different density is commonly called:


ETOPS flight is a twin engine jet aeroplane flight conducted over a route, where no suitable airport is within an area of:



16. Refer to the Baseturn DVOR/DME approach RWY 11; what is the initial approach track ?



Minimum flight altitude ensures (Viet Nam rules of the air ):

18. Track separation between aircraft using the same NDB shall be applied requiring the aircraft to fly:


19. The inbound track of holding partern at D21.0 (for ILS approach RWY 29)





Câu 30.  Which of the following statements fits best the concept of latent error? Latent errors:


Thunderstorm usually develop to greater height in the tropics than in temperature latitudes because :



23. The minimum  flight altitude of W2 from DONGI to KONCO:



  If two aircraft are converging at approximately the same level, the aircraft which shall have priority:


Red pyrotechnic directed by tower to an aircraft in flight means:


Which model has some holes on layer of defences, barriers, and safeguard?

27. Refer to the DVOR/DME approach RWY 29; The final approach track is ….. Offset from extended runway centerline?


28. The AFTN address of HAN ACC:



Precipitation produced by stratus is normally?

30. Altitude means:


31. The distance from DVOR/DME to threshold of RWY 11 is:



In order to indicate radio failure the aircraft SSR transponder should be selected to code


Câu 26.         Which of the following characteristics apply to short-term memory?
1: it is limited in time and size
2: it is unlimited in time and limited in size
3: it is stable and insensitive to disturbances
4: it is limited in time and unlimited in size
(Professione Volare Domane Human Factor)


The change indicator TEMPO in the TAF used when:


After departure , an IFR aircraft loses two-way communication. What should the pilot ‘s course of action be:

36. The information so notified by AIRAC must not be changed further for at least another… after indicated effective date.



The grid point forecasts prepared by a WAFC shall comprise:




An aircraft is considered to overtake another if it approaches the other aircraft from the rear on a line forming an angle of less than:

39. On receipt of post – flight information from the pilot, the AIS unit at the airport shall:


40. The frequence of ILS/LLz RWY11:



 An ILS CAT 1 can guide an arriving a/c to:


The final vector shall enable the aircraft to be established in level flight on the final approach track prior to intercepting the specified or norminal glide path if an ILS or radar approach is to be made and should provide an intercept angle with the final approach track of ……………..

43. In local routine and special reports in METAR and SPECI, the visibility is reported in steps of  one kilometre when:


44. If an ATC clearance is not suitable to the pilot in command of an aircraft:


45. What is the unit of measurement used to express radius in the Q line ( NOTAM format ) ?



The change indicator PROB in the TAF used when:



47. Where is a post- flight report form available?


48. Transfer of control point on W2 between  HAN ACC ( sector 3) and DONGHOI TWR shall be effected at:



What is the reason of ‘Swiss Cheese’ model

50. By which appropriate authority of Viet Nam shall flight permission for civil flights operated in Viet Nam be issued? (Sourced by VN Civil Aviation Law 2014)


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